Jazz and the Silver Screen

Alinta Chidzey and the Hook Turn Orchestra will be performing at the Cardinia Cultural Centre in November. 186331_01

By Tanaka Nyamvura

Alinta Chidzey one of Australia’s most versatile leading ladies, will be collaborating with the Hook Turn Orchestra for a concert in Cardinia this November.

This is one of only two performances the nine piece ensemble of Melbourne’s most accomplished jazz artists will be performing to promote an upcoming album release this month.

Ms Chidzey, an all-round performer, knew she wanted to be a performer since the age of 10 after seeing her sister in a high school musical.

Since then she has been on TV shows like Neighbours, Winners and Losers and has also toured with Hugh Jackman’s musical Broadway to Oz and other acclaimed Australian productions.

Often described by critics as being soulful, powerful and engaging, Ms Chidzey and the Hook Turn Orchestra will give audiences a morning to remember.

The 90-minute concert will be a held at 10am on Wednesday 7 November at the Cardinia Cultural Centre.

The event, a showcase of jazz classics and music from film scores, is expected to be a hit.

“If people can walk away feeling inspired and take something away from the performance then we have done a good job,” Ms Chidzey said.

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