Pave-ing the way

Each year it kicks off with the huge street party known as the Emerald FunFest on Sunday April 7.

The PAVE Festival (Performing And Visual arts in Emerald) has something for every taste.

Kicking off with the huge street party known as the Emerald FunFest on Sunday April 7th, the schedule is full of events morning, afternoon and night until it winds to a close with last drinks at the Hive Pop-up Bar (Old Emerald Bakehouse) at 11pm on Sunday April 14th.

Many events are free or require only a few dollars to participate – and they’re not just to keep the kids happy during the school holidays.

Workshops each day will help you learn guitar or ukulele, macramé, costume and wig making, photography or painting.

You can hear about the life of Buddy Holly, make and fly a kite, bouncercise to drum beats or jam along with new friends in a music afternoon.

Visit an art or photography exhibition or attend the opening of an art show or a book launch.

When the sun starts to set, the Hive Pop-up Bar opens, serving local wines, craft beers, snack platters and more.

Operating from the historic old Emerald bakehouse tucked up Murphy’s Way behind the Commonwealth Bank it has recently been restored by Emerald Community House.

Browse the website or program guide to discover the full array of events, including these evening shows;

Sunday 7th – Journeys in Story and Song – Songs and stories enhancing each other, offering a variety of genres and styles. A moving and memorable night out.

Monday 8th – Clown Rules – The Clowns are running the show! A satirical look at the writing of the Australian Constitution.

Tuesday 9th – Playing Tag with Judith – an homage to poet Judith Rodriguez, Kitchen Ballads and Backyard Verse – Irish expat Enda Kenny and Melbourne based poet Ian Bland accompanied by the wicked fiddle of Greg Hunt.

Wednesday 10th – Women in Song – Julitha Ryan, Christina Green, Suzette Herftt, Hannah Schmidli bring their unique styles to what promises to be another memorable night.

Thursday 11th – Celtic Reflections – Featuring Tidal Moon, Green Fieldz and Shona & Phil

Friday 12th – Spoilt for Choice! – 1. Jo Jo Smith and Tracey Roberts in Concert at Emersleigh Winery, 2. Red to Blue session at RSL featuring Michael Charles, Australian-born Chicago bluesman, 3. Barry Vs Kelly, Live theatre featuring the tragic story of Australia’s folk hero, Ned Kelly and the judge who hanged him.

Saturday 13th – More choices to make! 1. Jazz at Emersleigh featuring Shimona and The Cats Pyjamas, 2. The Good Girl Song Project – Voyage, six of Australia’s leading folk musicians present a powerful account of a voyage that thousands of brave young women voluntarily took to Australia in the 1830’s, 3. The Red Dress and the Sugar Man – Marisa Quigly takes us through a modern-day tragedy of poetic proportions, telling the story of Romeo and Rosie, two likely characters drowning in an ocean of regret.

Sunday 14th – More Alike than Different, Abiola Ajetomobi leads us through the wonderful differences and core similarities between cultures from around the world. Music, dance, performance and food.

Make some time for yourself and enjoy local live performances and exhibitions, catch up with friends, meet new and interesting people, try something different and experience inspiring and engaging entertainment.

Log onto for event information and bookings. A full printed program of events can be picked up in libraries, neighbourhood houses and other locations around the hills.


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