Elsie marks 100th birthday

Pakenham''s Elsie Storm celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by her family and friends at McGregor Gardens Aged Care on Tuesday 2 April. 192019_03.

By Jessica Anstice

Pakenham resident Elsie Storm has celebrated a milestone birthday.

Ms Storm found turning 100 no different to turning 98 or 99.

“I don’t remember being 99, I was surprised everybody remembered because I didn’t,” Ms Storm said.

“I seem to have more than I need, but for my 100th birthday I would like people to get along better, like we did in the old days.

“I have everything I want, I have my six children and my health and that’s all that matters.”

Growing up on a farm, Ms Storm was always made to wake up early, which she still does to this day.

“I worked hard during the war years, I helped mum and dad while the boys were away fighting,” she added.

“I stay young by walking about for a lot of the day, I get up very early and make the most of the day, I don’t think about my age if I am honest.

“I played bowls for over 40 years and I’ve been a judge on cookery competitions, I’ve had books on cookery published you know, so I guess what I am saying is keeping busy has kept me young.”

Her typical day generally consists of talking with her friend Margaret and playing Bingo and Hoy at McGregor Gardens Aged Care facility.

To do what you think is best, is the best advice Ms Storm has for a young person.

“Do what’s in your heart, be yourself and be happy with what you have,” she said.

“My greatest gift has been my children, for that I am grateful.”


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