A journey back in time

The students dressed in old fashioned attire.

By Jessica Anstice

Bridgewood Primary School students took a trip down memory lane with an excursion to Coal Creek Community Park and Museum in Korumburra on Thursday 5 September.

The Bridgewood foundation students and staff arrived at Coal Creek in the morning and were “very excited” about the day ahead.

“The old fashioned steam train was definitely a highlight,” Bridgewood Primary School staff member Suzanne Nailon said.

All the students got to put their belongings in the train and the group that were allocated first class felt very comfortable in their individual cabins.”

The first activity was to attend a school set in the past.

“All students were quick to be quiet and sit up straight to avoid receiving the pretend cane,” she said.

“As they all sat in rows to practice their writing on small backboards they soon realised how hard it was to write their names.’

Next, the students visited a house with a fire place to sit around and make damper.

“Everyone listened intently to the stories told about the olden days as they ate their damper covered in maple syrup,” Ms Nailon said.

“After a quick snack break students headed off to the law courts to make adorable dolls or superheroes using pegs, pipe cleaners and an assortment of different materials.

“How enjoyable it was to hear the students roll playing using their figurines.”

Lastly, students visited the General Store and were amazed by the old merchandise that fills the shelves.

“The highlight was definitely watching how the shop assistant delivered the money from customers to the boss using a mini flying fox,” she added.

“After a very busy and entertaining day, students made their way back to the buses, with many of them having a well-deserved power nap on the way back to school.”

Recalling the excursion, Bridgewood Primary School student Mia B said, “We went to an old school and we did some old style writing with some old mini black boards. We wrote our entire name and it was so much fun.”

Student Noal J said, “They pretended to hit us with the cane. I was very scared. We put all our bags in to an old train that had really cool seats.”


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