Don’t miss Diwali

On Saturday 19 October from 2pm, the IACC Diwali Festival will be held at Lakeside Square in Pakenham.

By Jessica Anstice

Indian Association Casey Cardinia (IACC) and its members are proudly presenting the Cardinia Lights Festival 2019.

Diwali is widely celebrated in all regions of India and across the world, with the festival marking the victory of good over evil.

This year IACC will go above and beyond to not only celebrate Diwali with the local community but also to make the public aware of the festivity and celebrations.

On Saturday 19 October from 2pm, the IACC Diwali Festival will be held at Lakeside Square in Pakenham.

With series of workshops organised in schools and libraries in the lead up to the Diwali Festival, IACC is planning to run a range of free activities for families to enjoy on the day.

A range of activities and performances will be held inside Lakeside Square and the food trucks and rides will be set up in the carpark.

IACC is also supporting home businesses this year by providing them a platform to display and sell their products at the Diwali market.

Festivities cannot go without food and fun rides, so apart from what Lakeside Square has on offer, there will be a range of food trucks at the venue, along with a vibrant and colourful setup to mark the celebrations.

To wrap up the event, there will be a jubilant display of fireworks at 8.30pm.

“Thank you to our great community who joined hands together to make the Diwali celebration special this year,” IACC member Aanchal Meshram said.

“We give a big shout out to the Cardinia Shire Council, Terri Fellows Barry Plant and Star Motorworks Pakenham for their support and to Lakeside Square for providing the perfect venue for hosting the event.”

A portion of carpark at Lakeside square will be blocked from 7am to 9pm.

The program is as follows:

Opening 2pm

Craft activities (free) 2pm – 5pm

Henna tattoo (free) 2pm – 7pm

Face painting (free) 2pm – 7pm

Hair breading and Sari Tying (free) 2pm – 5pm

Photo booth (free) 2pm – 8:30pm

Market stalls 2pm – 8:30pm

Rides 2pm – 8:30pm

Food trucks 2pm – 8:30pm

Dance workshops 3pm, 4pm and 5pm

Cultural performances 6pm – 7:30pm

Live DJ 7:30pm – 8:30pm


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