Overcoming challenges with art

Sketches by Marguerite Sharlott.

By Skye Mitchell

Tonimbuk artist Marguerite Sharlott has been creating sketches with uplifting words as a way to stay positive during a challenging time in her life, which was made worse by Victoria’s rolling lockdowns.

At the time, Marguerite was parked at the Berwick-Casey Hospital car park and unable to accompany her 80-year-old mother as she visited her stepfather in hospital.

Marguerite found a notebook in the console and started drawing as a way to pass the time.

“I would do little sketches and the words would just come to me… so I put a positive saying with it,” Marguerite said.

“I suppose these sketches are a little bit based on me as a younger person because I have always loved horses and cats.

“Sadly, my stepfather passed away, however I continued with the sketches as they were a little positivity at a sad time.“

Unable to work during lockdown as a receptionist, Marguerite said she found comfort in her drawings and despite her loss, still kept a positive attitude.

Marguerite said finding something to do to try and keep positive everyday is important.

“I know it gets very dull and it’s very hard for some people but there are worse things,“ Marguerite said.

“I am so lucky to have paints and paper and whatever I need around me to keep busy.“

The drawings had a great reaction from Marguerite’s friends and seeing all the positive comments about them has inspired her to develop them into a book.

“I am actually working on progressing the pictures now into pastel and acrylic drawings, which are coming up quite well,“ she said.

“I want it to be a positive little thing for people to be able to flick through on a dull day.

“I am always working on new art and writing projects, which is helpful during these lockdown days.”