Three… towns with autumn festivals

1. Olinda

Each autumn Cloudehill Garden host the Cloudehill Festival of Flowers to celebrate the influx of tawny hues. Weeping maples, salvias and beeches litter the ground with a spectrum of tones ranging from crimson to honey. Situated on a slope 580 metres above sea level, the well-manicured gardens are as if plucked from a fairy-tale.

2. Mount Macedon

Famous for its foliage, the fallen leaves at Mount Macedon are so popular, they even have their own Autumn Festival each year. Whilst the region of the Macedon ranges is filled with a whirl of orange, red, and gold, some highlights to visit include Macedon’s Honour Avenue, which features 154 Pin Oak trees that glisten with autumn coloured hues.

3. Bright

At the foot of the Victoria alps, Bright is definitely renowned for its magnificent autumn display. You’ll see large deciduous trees, including oaks, elms, poplars and Japanese maples, paint the town in shades of crimson and bright yellow. There’s even an annual Bright Autumn Festival for those fully wanting to embrace the season and local produce.