Giving greatest pleasure

Matsya Dasi says sharing brings the greatest satisfaction.

by Matsya Devi Dasi from the Hare Krishna Melbourne (ISKCON) Temple

We’re all seekers of one kind or another.

We seek happiness, a good bank balance, and a peaceful environment.

Some of us find pleasure in family and friends, others via our stock portfolio, acts of charity, a walk by the sea, or reading books by a favourite author.

In whatever way we try to fulfil this drive for happiness, we all share one thing – whatever we seek is elusive.

Friends come and go, family members pass away, and finances fluctuate.

Our very physical health is subject to decay and we can lose our body at any moment.

We hope for stability, but time marches on!

The wisdom traditions found throughout the world offer some solace.

Collectively they inform us that human life is meant for seeking treasures of a different order, beyond temporary, ordinary pursuits.

At present, human society is being misled by leaders who are blind.

For they do not know the aim and objective of human life, which is self-realisation and the re-establishment of our lost relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna who is the head of all Gods.

The Krishna consciousness movement is trying to enlighten human society in this important matter.

The yoga of devotion informs us that at our core we seek to love and be loved.

Our deepest pleasure comes not from possessing, but from giving – not in controlling, but in sharing.

It lies in making meaningful contributions by serving others.

Ultimately, it is to know, love, and be loved by the Divine.

The Hare Krishna Movement, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), is a global community connecting to each other, the world around us, and to God through service and the reciprocation of love.

Krishna devotees are policemen, priests, plumbers, homemakers, professors, doctors, IT professionals, taxi-drivers, students, parents, grandparents, etc.

We come from diverse cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds, but we share in an enthusiasm for life that comes by knowing the happiness that is found within.

People are welcome to visit any ISKCON Centre, to read some of the ancient Vedic great literatures, and sample tasty, sanctified vegetarian food.

In general these days, human freedom is encouraging people to do their passion, not knowing that every action has its consequences.

Our literatures encourage humans to act by utilising intelligence and mind controlling the senses, unlike animals.

Hence human society can sustain happiness perpetually, no matter what comes around or goes around, which is the goal of our humanity at large!