Twins love rocking and rolling

Brylee and Mason at the state championships. Picture: PAUL WAN

By Shelby Brooks

Berwick twins Brylee and Mason Brandon have danced their way to third place at the 2022 Victorian Rock ‘n’ Roll State Championships.

The 10-year-olds took home bronze in the Youth Beginner category at the competition earlier this month, representing Cranbourne-based dance school ’Team Richards’.

Brylee and Mason have been attending classes with Team Richards, run by Grant and Maryanne Richards, for 18 months.

The twins, who both have ADHD and are on the autism spectrum, first attended classes due to the passion of their support workers.

Bronte Leskie and Mathew Higgins are rock and roll competitors in their own right and thought the classes would be a good social exercise for the twins.

“Mason likes to take after Mathew, he’s like a big brother to him so it grew from that,” Bronte said.

“A lot of it is the social aspect for them, dancing with a group of kids that are so lovely and nice.

“It’s also increased their attention spans amazingly. It’s been really good to get them moving as well, it’s not a traditional form of exercise either.”

Bronte said Grant and Maryanne had been unbelievably good coaches for the twins.

“Grant and Maryanne have been excellent with them. They have the utmost patience, caring and passion for kids in rock and roll,” Bronte said.

This is the first competition Brylee and Mason have competed in.

“It was nice to have something they worked for come to fruition,” Bronte said.

“Mason has especially loved it and Brylee loves the dresses more than the dancing but that is ok!”

The twins’ mum Emma said she was very proud of her children.

“I’m very proud they’ve gone and done something that they’ve loved,” Emma said.

“I don’t think there are many twin siblings out there doing it either.”