Andrew knocks on media doors

By Kara Irving
ANDREW Powell and his best mate Gavin consider themselves the next Hamish and Andy.
“But we’re willing to go further than them”, insists Andrew who for the last five years has been trying to break into the media industry.
“(Going further in the industry) may not necessarily be a good thing as it may involve getting kicked out of a lot of pubs and getting lots of hate mail. But, at least, we’d be getting a reaction.”
When the budding comedian isn’t working behind the scenes at Channel 31, panelling at local radio station Casey 3SER or trying to coax television network executives into giving him a job, Andrew enjoys nothing more than ‘Thursday Parma night’ with the boys.
Having graduated with a Diploma of Broadcasting from Holmesglen TAFE in 2008, Andrew will travel to Townsville in the coming weeks to try his luck at the commercial radio scene.