Friends grow together

FRIENDS of Wilson Botanic Park welcomed a new honorary patron at a special committee meeting at the park this month.
Casey mayor Lorraine Wreford, a self-proclaimed regular user of the park, said she appreciated the work of the 250-member group, which assisted and contributed to the development and maintenance of the former quarry.
Cr Wreford, accompanied by fellow councillors Simon Curtis, Daniel Mulino and Wayne Smith, inspected the propagation facilities under the guidance of the curator, Eric Clapton.
More than 3000 seedlings, with a commercial value of more than $9000, are being nurtured for planting in the park and for future donation to the fire-ravaged areas of Marysville and Kinglake.
They will be donated when residents re-establish their gardens.
The group members discussed their concern about the lack of qualified staff available to provide adequate maintenance to more than 70 gardens within the park that has been developing since 1987.
In August this year the members will celebrate the group’s 20th anniversary.
Records indicate that there are 48 current members who have contributed for those 20 years.
The park is open from 7am to 8pm in summer and from 7am to 5pm in winter.
Many musical entertainment events and feature film shows take place in the park’s amphitheatre.
For further details phone 9707 5818.