Loss breaks girl’s heart- Vicky Turnbull with her daughters Amelia and Imogen. 43010 Picture:

By Melissa Meehan
WHAT kind of monster would steal from a little girl?
That is a question Vicki Turnbull has been asking herself when she found her home burgled on Monday morning.
Ms Turnbull says her 11-year-old daughter, Amelia, is heartbroken after her mobile phone was stolen.
“She got the phone as a Christmas present from her father who lives in England,” she said.
“It was so she could contact him whenever she liked by text message and she could text her grandmother as well. She’s inconsolable.”
Unfortunately, the family was not insured and will be unable to replace the stolen items.
Even if they were, the photos of her 16-month-daughter, Imogen, is irreplaceable.
Ms Turnbull said she left her Hudson Street, Beaconsfield, address just after 9am to look for rental properties.
She said as she was leaving she remembered seeing a man acting suspiciously in a white utility.
“I thought he was acting a bit strange, but thought he was trawling through the hard rubbish – a lot of people are doing that at the moment,” she said. “But now I think he was probably watching me leave.”
In a weird set of circumstances, a call from Ms Turnbull’s daughter’s mobile phone alerted her of the burglary.
“My phone started ringing and then when I saw it was from my daughter’s phone, I thought ‘that’s strange’,” she said as she believed it was charging at her home.
“So I went home, found the door wide open and called the police.”
Ms Turnbull said when the police arrived she discovered the thieves had gone through her daughter’s room, taking her laptop and Nintendo Wii, as well as the phone.
She also noticed that her own laptop and camcorder were gone as well.
“All of the records of our 16-month-old baby are gone,” she said.
“We have no other record – the birth, her first steps, everything is gone.
“We don’t care about the computers or the camcorder, we just want our photos back – you can’t replace those.”
Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.