Pain relief after waste clean-up

By Tania Martin
A COCKATOO man who is suffering from chronic back pain has hit out at a local waste service after his rubbish was left dumped in front of his house.
Wayne, who requested not to use his surname, said the contractor that collected his weekly rubbish had left half of it on the street.It happened shortly after 5pm last Thursday, 11 February.
He was told by the contractor, Thiess Services, that crews couldn’t make it back out to Cockatoo that day to clean up the mess.
Wayne said he felt compelled to clean it up despite that his back has been broken in five places and he is currently waiting on a second spinal fusion operation.He said cleaning up the mess led to him increasing his dose of morphine to cope with the pain.
“I normally only take 600ml a day but I had to have another 300ml after cleaning up the mess,” he said.
“I might not be able to walk for the next week.”
Wayne believes the contractor should have come out straight away to clean up the mess, especially as he told them about his disabilities.
Cardinia Shire spokesman Paul Dunlop said the council was investigating the matter with Thiess Services which conducts the weekly domestic waste collection.
Thiess Services declined to comment when the Gazette asked about the complaint.