Rodger dodgers

THE Emerald community is missing an important community figure – figurine to be exact.
Last week, Rodger the fire-ready mannequin was stolen from outside a fire-ready meeting at the community hall despite being chained to a pole.
His owner Ambrose von Erkel of Fire Ready had just finished holding a bushfire preparation presentation when thieves made off with his mascot, worth more than $1000.
“Rodger represents a lot of money to us … he was taken so brazenly when people where still coming and going,” Mr von Erkel said.
This latest theft comes as local traders called for a bigger police presence in the town.
Mr von Erkel said he had noticed a group of youths gathering a few metres away from the mannequin near a bus stop.
“One of them came in to have a look at the product, he looked out the window and said he had to go,” he said.
“They had bolted and two minutes later I went outside and they had taken him (Rodger)… it was a co-ordinated effort.”
Pakenham CIU is investigating the mannequin’s disappearance.
Anyone who may have seen or heard anything should contact Pakenham police on 5945 2500 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.