Just being hospitable

I WRITE in response to the letter No Kidding (Gazette, 24 February).
Several weeks ago the local band Meg Doherty and the Wolf Bros contacted the hotel with the view of performing at the hotel on Sunday 21 February, as it was their only opportunity to showcase their talents to family and friends before the band returned to Tasmania.
During discussions with the band, the issue of children came up and the band was informed of the hotel’s policy regarding children.
The band accepted this but unfortunately it was difficult for the band to communicate this to everyone that was planning to attend on that day. As a result of this and the huge effort that some people had gone to, to be there, two children were given special permission to remain only if the hotel’s strict guidelines were adhered to – and they were.
The hotel’s policies are formulated with the input and support of the local police, liquor licensing and our regular patrons. It’s not only illegal to have children in the public bar after meals have finished, the hotel takes the view that it is socially irresponsible and promotes an unhealthy family environment.
Given the considerable resources gone into creating the new look hotel, the additional employment that it has created in town and the fact that we donate to every worthy charity and sporting club that asks for help, this attack on the hotel and its popularity is bitterly disappointing.
I own and operate the Pakenham Hotel in Main Street, I’m proud of what we’ve done here, I’m proud of the staffs efforts and I’m proud of the social environment we’re continually improving so that good people have got somewhere safe and relaxing to go in Pakenham.
I invite everybody down to our hotel, meet me in person, sample some of our hospitality and make your own mind about our little red pub.
Brendan Theobard,
Pakenham Hotel.

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