Tigers on the tooth

THE NEWEST addition of environmental warriors to the Beaconhills’ sustainability team commenced work at the college last week.
The 160,000 Red Tiger worms are now happily eating their way through the organic waste produced at both the Berwick and Pakenham campuses.
The introduction of the worm farms is just one initiative the college has undertaken to minimise its environmental footprint.
Recycling bins that separate paper, organic waste and plastics have been located throughout various areas of the college for staff and students to use as well as energy audits undertaken, water tanks installed, vegetable gardens and a solar panel installation.
Not only have the students been involved in how they can make a difference but staff have also been consulted.
Late last year the college released its environmental card which outlined the college’s use of energy, water and volumes of waste across its three campuses.
As a result, staff made a range of suggestions on how the college could develop initiatives to reduce its impact on the environment.
The result of these suggestions and other initiatives researched, led to the development of a draft sustainability plan for the college.
“The college is conscious of the size of the organisation, and its growth during the last five years and has already implemented a range of actions to reduce its impact on the environment,” campus business manager David Young said.
“We have been very successful in reducing the college’s reliance on the mains water supply with the installation of water tanks throughout the college and reviewing the use of all the water facilities.”