Couple’s energy for saving

By Kara Irving
JULIE Weatherhead practices what she preaches when it comes to environmentally sustainable living.
Along with her partner Anthony Hooper, she helped restore her grandfather’s old property in Tynong North Road four years ago to create the Cornucopia Living Heritage Centre which is solely reliant on solar power for its energy.
Both the Heritage Centre and Julie’s nearby Peppermint Ridge Farm incorporate sustainable living practices by using solar roof panels and waterless toilet systems.
These save more than 500 kilograms of carbon emissions a year.
Last month a combined total of 800 kilowatts were used between the two properties, which equates to the amount of energy a single person would use in one month.
Julie said the cost of the 14 solar panel system that operates at the two properties would eventually be recouped by energy cost savings.
“We wanted to do something positive for the environment,” said Julie, who has created sustainable environments since 1996.
Apart from preaching the importance of sustainable living, Julie also teaches the history of native Australian landscape.
Julie is currently showcasing an exhibition at the heritage centre which explores Australian native plants, indigenous culture and ancient artefacts as well as the historic significance of the cornucopia.
The ancient Greek myth of cornucopia has been included into the exhibition to illustrate how people have regarded nature as a source of endless bounty.
Qualified in environmental science and education, Julie will also host a series of educational classes and tours in March and April which emphasise care for the environment.
For more information about the classes or to make a booking for a tour phone 5942 8580.

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