Quarry plan digs deep

By Melissa Meehan
PLANS to extend an exist
ing quarry in Tynong have
been given the green light by
Cardinia councillors after no
objections were received.
The quarry, Fulton
Holton’s largest quarry opera
tion, was first developed 21
years ago from a green field
site to supply granite to its
asphalt plant in Dandenong.
Its application for a permit
to excavate an additional 23
million tonnes of granite from
the site was welcomed by
councillors, who said the
Tynong site was an excellent
example of how a quarry
should be run.
Councillor Bill Pearson
said he supported the exten
sion wholeheartedly because
the quarry worked with the
community and neighbours.
“This quarry has worked
hand-in-hand with the com
munity without conflict,” Cr
Pearson said.
“The site has always been
well thought out, with trees
providing adequate screening
and this is proven with not one
objection from the communi
He said it was refreshing to
see big business working with
the community for a positive
“Other companies, nation
ally and abroad should look at
the way Tynong is treated and
take note,” he said.
“It’s a perfect example of
how a quarry should be run.”