Jolly good waste plan- Graham Jolly wants the council to look at ways to help residents reduce

By Melissa Meehan
WITH spiralling debt and an increase in rates, Beaconsfield resident Graham Jolly says the council must do all in its power to reduce costs on residents.
The answer, he says, is to look at the way the council treats its waste and consider ways to reduce the cost.
He said the State Government decision to increase the landfill rate from nine dollars a tonne to $30 could affect every resident in the state.
“If the council has a fixed contract with the tip, ratepayers shouldn’t be affected,” Mr Jolly said.
“But if they have a variable agreement – every ratepayer in the shire will be affected.”
He said the council, already in debt, should look how they can reduce costs in the future.
“It will benefit ratepayers and the council,” he said.
He said one idea he believed that could work would be by helping residents who reduce their landfill waste.
“At the moment, residents like myself, who are increasing their recycling waste and decreasing their landfill waste are being disadvantaged,” he said.
“Why not come up with options to satisfy conscious ratepayers to increase their recyclable waste.”
Mr Jolly said giving residents the option to choose to have their rubbish collected once a fortnight rather than weekly – at a reduced cost – could be a solution.
“It will save the amount of rubbish put in landfill, which would reduce the cost and could even reduce transporting costs,” he said.
“People in Shepparton tried something similar, and although it did not work – at least they gave it a go, our council needs to do something,” he said.
Spokesperson for the Cardinia Shire Paul Dunlop said the council was committed to providing residents with the most efficient waste management services.
“We understand people want to reduce their waste and council actively supports residents to achieve that aim,” Mr Dunlop said.
“Council’s waste management strategy is currently being reviewed and it is anticipated that revisions to the strategy will propose various options for consideration that will take account of the level of growth occurring.”
He said the council already had a variety of initiatives to assist with general waste reduction.

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