Jeff talks Hawks and parenting

By Melissa Meehan
DAD is the word.
Former premier and current Hawthorn Football Club president Jeff Kennett attended Nar Nar Goon Primary School last week to talk about being a dad, and the importance of forming relationships with family members.
Among the many football questions from students, Mr Kennett spoke of his love of being a father and his relationships with his children and grand children.
“But who is your favourite player for Richmond,” one student asked.
Doing his best to keep the conversation on topic, Mr Kennett spoke of his love of football, politics and Victoria too – but said the best thing about his life was waking up every morning.
“Most people don’t appreciate being Australian,” he said.
“And secondly it would be staying healthy – while some may see that as selfish, without my health I could not be a husband, father or grandfather.”
But with the questions always relating to football, Mr Kennett gave in and spoke of his love of Hawthorn, all thanks to his dad.
“When I was five or six, my dad took me to watch the Hawks play at Glenferrie Oval,” he said.
“From then on I used to go with my dad to watch the Hawks; he would even bring a stool so I could stand on it to see over the people.
“Most people follow the teams their dads go for.”
The student’s fathers also had a chance to ask questions, many worried about how to stop their kids from falling through the cracks.
“Education and being able to talk to them,” Mr Kennett said.