Koowee begs for bypass

By Melissa Meehan
A BYPASS for Kooweerup must be on the agenda in the upcoming elections, according to long-time resident Gary King.
With the Victorian Election campaign in full swing and John Brumby and Ted Ballieu running around town, Mr King says if they want to be elected they must make a firm commitment for a fully budgeted Kooweerup bypass.
Mr King said he was concerned that politicians were “running around promising this and that” without being serious about the bypass.
“I just feel if they are really serious about it and if they are out to get votes they should have the guts to stand up and support and fund the bypass in the budget,” he said.
“I believe that would get the vote of the area.
“That’s what it’s all about, if they offer something we will vote for them.”
He said there had been too many empty promises made in the past and it was a waste of residents’ time.
“It is about time the candidates and our sitting members too got the opportunity to say they are prepared to fund it,” he said.
“There are two elections this year, if we can’t get a promise now we are not going to get it for a long time.”
In November, Roads and Ports Minister Tim Pallas announced a preferred route for the Kooweerup bypass but residents were still left wondering how long it would be until the much-needed road was built. The proposed route was submitted to Planning Minister Justin Madden to determine what planning process would be required for future works.
Mr Pallas said the upgrades along Healesville–Kooweerup Road would help guide the future development of the road network in the area to cater for the traffic growth that has occurred since the opening of the Pakenham Bypass.
To date, no funding has been promised.

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