Beacy rocks ROC

IN a great display of teamwork, Beaconsfield had a 33-goal victory against fourth-placed ROC.
Kim and Bridget were outstanding in defence and made it difficult for the ROC goalers to gain access to the ball.
Jaz, Kel, Ky and Jacinta were unstoppable in the mid court, driving the ball down the court feeding the goalers with precision.
Regan and Bec capitalised on the opportunities provided and helped take another positive step toward the finals.

@BT Sub Sport Gaz:B GRADE

WITH illness and injury plaguing the team, the challenge against ROC was set to be a big one. Erin and Jen were outstanding in circle defence while Corinne and Lauren continued to improve in the attacking circle and create great space for each other.
Amy, Danni, Danni and Hayley put pressure on their opponents and created many valuable turnovers, while providing the goalers with plenty of opportunity to capitalise.

@BT Sub Sport Gaz:C GRADE

FROM the first whistle, Beaconsfield dominated in all areas of the court. The ball flowed down the court with ease. The defence end made it extremely difficult for ROC to score.
The pressure over the ball from the mid court caused numerous turnovers allowing the goalers to score. Accurate passes into the goalers made it near impossible for the ROC defenders to get hands to the ball.

@BT Sub Sport Gaz:UNDER 15

BEACY started off strongly, making strong leads and passing accurately. Defensive pressure was tight all the way down the court and shooting for goal was accurate despite the gusty wind that came through in the last half. Beacy ended up with a great 30-0 win.
Best: Elizabeth O’Sullivan, Caitlin Utting, Georgia Sheers.

@BT Sub Sport Gaz:UNDER 13

A GREAT team game from the under-13s who put into practice a lot of the things they learnt this year. The defenders worked hard for turnovers, the mid-court drove the ball down the court well, and the goalers moved beautifully in the ring. Best was Rachel Williams with numerous turnovers and great aggression for the ball.