Beacy’s convincing victory

WITH the knowledge that Devon Meadows had beaten Keysborough only two weeks earlier, the Beaconsfield A grade girls knew this was set to be a very tough game and they were not wrong.
Devon Meadows got the jump on the girls in the first quarter and lead at the first break by three goals.
Beacy then stepped up its workload and went into the half time break with a four-goal lead.
The girls then consolidated to win the next two quarters and take a very hard-fought victory

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This game had lots of ups and downs with the team having to adjust due to the loss of several players due to injury and illness.
Erin and Jen played well in defence, until early in the third quarter when Jen had to come from the court and was replaced by Abbie Sheers. Abbie stepped in as if she has played there all year and finished off the game well.
The centre court continued to improve each week and delivered the ball well to the goalers.

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What a way to finish off the season. The whole team played an outstanding game. The ball flowed down the court easily. Even with different line ups the girls adjusted quickly. The C grade girls now have a week off to rest, regroup and refresh ready to head into finals with intensity. BOC: Debby Stacey.

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The last game of the round saw top placed Beacy take on lowly placed Devon Meadows. Knowing this, the score line wasn’t a surprise, however, the intensity shown by the girls was a true indication of their dedication to playing quality netball and a good lead up to an intense finals series. In all positions on the court, the girls dominated creating turnover after turnover and converting with speed, accuracy and precision. Standout performances in goals went to Sophie Abel and Elise Flannery. Best on court playing with strength, drive and growing confidence deservedly goes to Erin Tippett. A convincing win to an extraordinarily classy team 67-3.

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What a great end to the 2010 season for the under 13s. The girls had a bit of a slow start, and then turned the game around to have a great win over Devon Meadows, again showing how far they have come as a team, and as individual netballers this year. Best on court was Georgia Burns with great driving down the court.