Arthouse gunfest

– Emma Sun
RED may seem like your average old(er) person’s action-comedy movie, but don’t let those ex-CIA operatives hear you say that. The last person who called them old died a painful death.
Let’s say something before we get into a brief synopsis – the classy and elegant Helen Mirren wielding a machine gun with as much ease as she drinks coffee is scary. She was so cool and casual that I didn’t know whether to laugh or fear for my life (ha).
So, the story revolves around retired secret agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), who is rudely forced out of retirement by attempts on his life.
To make things worse, his love interest Sarah Ross (a funny Mary-Louise Parker), who he has never met before, is also dragged into the excitement.
After finding out that he was part of a hit list for reasons unknown to him, Moses recruits old friends and foes on a mission to blow the plot wide open.
RED, which stands for “retired, extremely dangerous”, is a suitable name for the ex-agents, since killing is merely second nature to them.
John Malkovich as an almost insane (as usual) ex-agent Marvin Boggs is comedy at its best. Watch out for his hiding spot when they first find Victoria (Mirren) and his moment of glory towards the end of the movie.
With Morgan Freeman as Joe Matheson, Moses’ mentor and Karl Urban as the sometimes good, sometimes bad CIA operative William Cooper, the scene is set for a great action movie.
RED is not just for old(er) people. With a strong cast and an original plot, it’s something everyone can enjoy.