AFTER losing the toss, Nar Nar Goon F Grade was sent in to bat, got off to a steady start being three wickets for 73, had a couple of quick wickets in the middle of the order and ended up all out for 175 runs.
Great lower order batting from Hayden Lownds and Nick Chamberlain. Best with the bats were Liam Keiley 31, Matt Murphy 31, Hayden Lownds 25.
With 19 overs left to have a crack at them Gus Campbell and Shaun Kallady had them under great pressure, Gus picking up 4/23 and we have them at the end of the day at 5/54.
After winning the toss Nar Nar Goon decided to have a bat and were in early trouble at 3/3. Then Joey Sweeney 25 and Jacob Bardwell 26 batted well to get the score to 67.
Dylan Cameron 19 and Josh Miller 15 batted well to get the score to 6/112. With two players down the team only managed to get the score to 114. Beaconsfield had to bat 10 overs to get 1/31.
In the second week, Nar Nar Goon had a lot of hard work to do. After some up-and-down performances in the bowling and field the team managed to win by two runs. Best of the bowlers were Joey Sweeney and Vinnie Van Strijp, both 1/11.
The Marygoons chasing 93 got off to a good start with Brannon Harrison batting very well to make 21 runs. With him was Sam Collins who made a very good 19. Next to come in was Jordan Andrianto who did not hold back. He batted very well making 20 retired.
Liam Missen was next to bat with Anthony Chatfield with some great running between the wickets took the score to 122. Liam ended making a well made 15 after a few quick wickets.
Jordan returned with Callum Tyler and put on a few quick runs. Jordan ended up on 24 not out and Callum six not out, with the score on 148.
It was a good win for the team with everyone playing very well and having a part in the game.