Health winfrom Wish act

By Emily Browne
PAKENHAM residents will take part in the national Pushups for Charity, raising much needed funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
The nationwide event, which will incorporate almost 50 health clubs, personal training studios and fitness boot camps from around Australia, will involve thousands of participants.
The plan is to generate $200,000 to help children facing life-threatening medical conditions – while kick-starting a shift towards fitness.
“Our goal is twofold. We want to help Australian children facing life-threatening medical conditions, and we want to engage our local community to get fit in a fun way,” Robb Evans, owner of Studioz Personal Training and Pakenham Boot Camps For Women, said, Mr Evans’ fitness business is running the Pushups for Charity event in Pakenham.
“Folks agree to sponsor an individual by donating 50 cents to one dollar for every push-up a person does in 90 seconds,” he said.
“All participants and donors are rewarded with a valuable home study fitness program we’ve designed, based on our 22 years of fitness experience and helping Pakenham residents get in great shape.
“Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate or donate.”
The event will run at Studioz Personal Training on Saturday 27 November. Full information is available at HYPERLINK or for those who want to participate or donate.