Never assume

AN ass or just confused.
In my letter (Gazette, 10 November), I gave my reasons for being alarmed at the policies of the Labor Party and the Greens in the coming State Election.
It is said when we ‘assume’, we make an ass out of you and me.
In a reply to my letter, a Peter Summers calls me confused and makes many assumptions about me.
He berates my suggestion to dam the Mitchell River in preference to a power hungry desalination plant that may not be fully utilised in the future.
He assumes I think because we have had a wet period, I think the drought is over. He assumes I need a lesson in ocean currents.
How stupid of me not to check with Mr Summers rather than research the record of the Mitchell River and the Gippsland area.
How stupid of me to consider that severe flooding in 1953, I think it was, of the area that required over 60 homes evactuated, the regular floods over the years since indicates a dam on the Mitchell River a good idea.
How stupid of me not to check with Mr Summers on the intent of the Liberal Party preferences with the Greens, before writing to the Gazette.
Whilst I indicated my intent to vote for Liberal candidate Brad Battin and my reasons for doing so, I note Mr Summers did not state his intent in the coming election.
Of course that is his right to hide his voting intent.
However in disparaging the choice, I have made I would have greater respect for Mr Summers if he had the courage to stand and be counted.
In summing I am confused and the Liberals would preference the Greens, I ask?
Who is confused and who is the ass?
Vic Hyland,
Upper Beaconsfield.

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