Residents in quarry limbo

MORE than 12 months have passed since a proposal was tabled for a quarry in Sanders Road, Tonimbuk, and residents are still in limbo.
A year ago, narrow roads and wide B-double trucks had Tonimbuk residents worried – and it’s still the case today.
The Mt Cannibal and District Preservation Group Inc said roads in the area would not be able to cope with an extra 200-plus truck movements if the Sanders Road quarry went ahead.
Group secretary David Bywater said he found it difficult to imagine how two trucks could pass each other along the roads when cars already found it difficult.
“Along parts of the proposed route cars even have to move over so the other can pass,” he said.
“Imagine two B-doubles doing the same.
“Not to mention how they’ll be able to cross the freeway to head back towards Melbourne.”
He said the group was not opposed to quarries in the area, but said the proposed site was not viable.
In the past 12 months, no contact has been initiated by Hanson Construction Materials to locals or the Mt Cannibal and District Preservation Society.
There have been many anxious inquiries from residents of Bunyip and Garfield worrying about the safety issues of hundreds of trucks accessing the highway daily, and with many other concerns.
At the time, a spokesperson for Hanson Construction Materials confirmed the company was putting together a development application for the development of the quarry.
“Any proposal would have to meet the current strict planning and environmental legislation,” he said.
“Hanson will ensure local residents are kept informed of relevant developments in line with the planning application.”