Popular Rafters pack it in

Packed to the Rafters
Channel 7

IT IS time to bid farewell to the Rafters family, after six seasons of tears and laughter.
Five years ago, Australian audiences were introduced to Julie and Dave Rafter celebrating their empty nest – only it didn’t last long.
Their family were soon moving back in, and it has since been a revolving door of Rafter family members (children Ben, Nathan, Rachel, Julie’s father Ted, new daughter Ruby) moving in and out at varying times.
Thus began our love affair with the drama, and in some ways, normality of the Rafter family.
For many, the appeal of Packed to the Rafters was the way it honestly presented issues that every family could face themselves.
Extra-marital temptation, dementia, grief, domestic violence, unemployment, career frustrations and depression, were only a few of many storylines to engage audiences.
Despite the sometimes serious subject matter, Packed to the Rafters has always been great at throwing in some amusing moments to keep the mood light.
After only a few seasons, the future of the show was thrown into turmoil as many younger cast members took advantage of the exposure of the popular show to explore other opportunities.
But, to the relief of Rafter fans around the country, it stayed on queue and a ‘raft’ of new younger cast members was introduced to fill the gap.
The sixth, and last season, has dealt with some genuinely heart-breaking subjects including the onset of dementia of Ted and Nathan left holding the baby after the breakdown of his wife in London.
It is fitting that the only way to draw Packed to the Rafters to a close is to sell the house that everything has revolved around for five years – everyone moves out with many lifelong fans looking back in fondness.
Packed to the Rafters started with ratings success and so it is fitting that has also finished on a high.
The last episode aired last night (Tuesday).

– Nicole Williams

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