Jaws snap on traps

A steel jaw trap


HIDEOUS and vicious steel jaw traps are being sold at markets around the region.
Representatives from the Animal Cruelty Hotline were called to the Longwarry market last week and have been called to Berwick Market in recent weeks.
Animal Cruelty Hotline investigator Barry Tapp described the traps as hideous and extremely dangerous.
“The steel jaw trap snaps shut as soon as something hits it,” he said.
“They do cause serious injuries.”
Mr Tapp said market management had been made aware of the sale of the illegal traps.
“We’ve notified management at the market and they have agreed they will shop anyone selling the traps in the future,” he said.
The traps, which are illegal to own or set, pose a threat to smaller animals like dogs, cats and possums but children have also been known to be injured.
In some cases animals have needed to be put down due to injuries caused by the traps.
“Often we are called out to these hideous rescues where, some ones pet cat, or possum, and even small dogs have been caught in suburbia to a cruel fate and that at times the animal may have been there for hours at a time,” he said.
“This has got to be bought to the community’s attention that these steel jaw traps have to be outlawed now.”
Those found in possession of the traps face penalties of up to $24,000 and two years imprisonment under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.
It is the same penalty to set the traps.
Anyone with concerns about animal cruelty can call the Animal Cruelty Hotline on 1800 751 770.