Larrikin lads on tour


Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year Asia
8pm Monday
Channel Nine

GRAB your best mate, head overseas to a string of exotic locations and film a series of “epically pointless” stunts to be lapped up by the viewing public.
Not bad work if you can get it!
Comedy duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee have been getting away with it for years – firstly on radio and now on television through their initial Caravan of Courage capers that has morphed into the Gap Year series.
They have travelled the US, Europe and in a combined effort combing Australian and New Zealand for comedic talent.
Now they’ve hit Asia and over the first two episodes have joined a rocket launching festival in Thailand, tackled the Asian traffic mayhem by doing 250 laps of one of Vietnam’s busiest roundabouts, found a Chinese monk who runs on water and a fashion retailer with a penchant for plastic surgery who moonlights as Superman.
Having just travelled through parts of Asia, some of the antics certainly ring true.
It’s a fascinating place and finding the talent must be as much fun as engaging with it.
Don’t expect a travelogue – more a Lonely Planet for Dummies.
The result is often amusing and at times hilarious. Not a bad way to spend an hour in front of the box.
– Garry Howe

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