Lordy Gordy and others



EVERYONE has a guilty pleasure and Xfactor Australia is mine.
Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have a pitch-perfect voice, or a musically talented bone in my body – but this show is everything I want and more.
Then again, it could be the viewing spectacular that it becomes in my own living room.
Surrounded by the whole family, this show and its fame-seeking entrants become the butt of all of my brothers jokes.
My dad can’t help himself but to snigger at the journey or heartfelt stories of the entrants… and believe me, everyone has a story. But that aside, this show is everything that Australian television needs.
Gone are the days of Hey Hey it’s Saturday or any type of variety show, and this is as close as it gets -miles apart from the CSI mumbo jumbo crime type shows or the scripted ‘reality’ shows that are so popular.
Judges Ronan Keating and a squealing pregnant Nat Bass (or whatever her real last name is) have returned for another year and their bluntness still entertains me.
Throw in the new judges Red Foo and Danni Minogue and I’m in heaven.
Red Foo, known for musical ditties like “I’m Sexy and I Know it” and “Shots shots shots shots etc”, is a little crazy and adds a bit of personality to the team – and he has some musical standing, his dad was one of the founders of Mo Town Records. Now that’s pretty cool (and surprising considering his own musical talent, while catchy, is probably not ground breaking).
It’s also great to see that there is so much young talent in Australia, aside from the Americans and Swedes who jump off a plane to perform on the show.
It’s not great TV, but it’s easy to watch, and… my guilty pleasure.
At least it’s healthier than chocolate.