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Adventure Time
Season 1 and 2
Available on DVD, Blu-Ray or download

ADVENTURE Time is a little different to your usual cartoon.
If you watch it with any expectations of logic or real world scenarios unfolding – consider yourself in for a world of questions.
What exactly is a Rainicorn? Or why does that dog stretchy? How does that Cinnamon Bun talk?
Don’t ask questions – just enjoy.
It’s a show at the intersection of an acid hallucination and a child’s birthday party.
Conceptually high minded in parts, but base enough for kids to theoretically understand.
Despite the utter zaniness and quirkiness – Adventure Time also paves the way for some serious discussions and thoughtful commentary on the world.
The tragedy riddled back-stories of the Ice King and Marceline the Vampire Queen come as far out of left field as the shows wilder antics.
It’s a show of many facets, keeping most of them off-the-wall and amazingly random for its younger audience while having the same psychedelic effect that Spongebob SquarePants had on enthralled teenagers and adults many years ago.
Jake the Dog as the sensible voice of reason – a strange concept for an anthropomorphic dog that can stretch and augment his shape at will and Finn will always run into a situation without considering its potential outcome or chance of success.
Above all it’s a story of friendship and doing the right thing – no matter the cost.
Finn will attest to this as he gets the stuffing beaten out of him in a solid chunk of episodes.
The show plays out well on Blu-Ray, crisp colours and surprisingly depth-filled backgrounds, but the audio is a bit lacking as it’s not in 5.1 lossless surround sound – something that would add to the surreal nature of viewing this series.
Overall these are minor complaints about an otherwise exceptional show.
Get on board – start your adventure.
– Jarrod Potter

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