Park ruined by litter vandals

A disassembled fence is only one recent incident to frustrate a Pakenham resident. 111980_01

LITTER, thefts and property damage is frustrating a Cardinia Lakes resident.
Carolyn Mason walks around Windermere Park each day and she is concerned with the rise in anti-social behaviour.
The most recent incident saw a portion of the safety fence surrounding a children’s playground removed.
“I noticed the fence was disassembled and leaning on another part of the fence.
“It looks like someone was making a step ladder,” she said.
“It is a lovely park. Why do people do that?”
Ms Mason believes the wayward section of fence, especially leaning up like a ladder, makes the area unsafe for children, not to mention the gate to the playground that was often broken off its hinges.
It reminded her of the time earlier this year when she removed toilet paper which had been strewn over the playground overnight.
“The shire does a good job in providing stuff for the community and kids,” she said.
“It was decorated in toilet paper. It is a shame because the shire do provide (public facilities).”
Ms Mason often takes a bag on her morning strolls to pick up rubbish littered around the park and surrounding streets.
Adding to her concerns is a spate of thefts from cars, which has hit her family personally in the past month.
“It has always been a quite area, with older people,” she said.
“We’re more cautious as a family now.”