4Cs shares the care

Abiola Ajetomobi, Dion Olszewski and Teresa Clea from the 4Cs hope people will make use of the organisation's new no interest loans service. 124146


MEMBERS from a major not-for-profit organisation in Pakenham have urged Cardinia Shire residents to take advantage of their services.
Operations manager of the 4Cs Abiola Ajetomobi hoped people would continue to come through their doors, and wanted to make residents aware of a recently remodelled service which offered no interest loans. This already existing program was redeveloped by staff at the 4Cs and was redesigned based on recent information and client’s needs.
The no interest loans system offers assistance with a range of services including computers, televisions, car registration, course fees and more.
Ms Ajetomobi hoped people would take advantage of this program among others.
“We are here to support as many people as we can,” she said.
“We are helping vulnerable people in the community to overcome crisis situations.”
Dion Olszewski from the 4Cs said they recently helped a woman who needed to put a deposit on an urgent surgery with their no interest loan system.
The concept was first initiated by the Good Shepard Foundation and NAB now provides the funds for its continuity.
Ms Ajetomobi said this is one of the many services offered by the 4Cs which sees around 850 families come through its doors each week.
“Other services are available too,” she said.
“We want to address people’s needs as they arise.”
She also mentioned an advocating and negotiation system which helped people in the community negotiate their bills via a volunteer from 4Cs talking to the bill provider.
Mr Olszewski will man a stand on behalf of the centre at a Bring your Bills Day at the Pakenham Hall on 9 September.
The initiative between Cardinia Shire Council and 4Cs is set up for the benefit of the community and is aimed to make people aware that there is help out there in terms of settling bills.
Ms Ajetomobi said she wanted everyone to know they were welcome at the 4Cs and no judgement would be made.
“We want to surround people with our services,” she said.