If the shoe fits …

Tracy and her cheeky rainbow lorikeet. 130723


IF ever a name suited a pet, this Pakenham rainbow lorikeet would take the cake.
Seven-year-old Cheeky Bum is mischievous to say the least.
Owner Tracy Heath said the quirky bird has an insatiable fetish with all things foot related and refuses to go anywhere without his prized slipper.
“He was interested in socks originally, then bare feet. Since then he has progress to shoes. He loves slippers and to pick at them so they are nice and fluffy like a nest,” Tracy said.
“My daughter brought me a pair of slippers for Mother’s Day. Each time I put them on, he would never leave me alone. He now sleeps in them and tries to fight me whenever I take them away to be cleaned.”
The well-trained bird can say and do a great deal such as poking his tongue out in unison with his loving owner.
“Sometime I can’t get him to shut up,” Tracy laughed.
Cheeky Bum, who prefers to walk than to fly, is spoilt with his own room and a range of socks and slippers to nest in.
Tracy said she has no qualms taking Cheeky Bum outside.
“I can take him outside with me … as long as I have the slipper, he won’t go anywhere.”
Tracy inherited Cheeky Bum five years ago from her eldest daughter.