Buyer volume lowers on increased market

There were approximately 2100 export and 1500 young cattle penned this week at VLE Pakenham, representing an increase of 200 head week-on-week.
There was a full field of buyers present and operating, not quite with the fury of the previous sale, in a firm to slightly easier market.
Quality was mixed as the large numbers brought with them a greater proportion of secondary cattle with some showing the effects of the drying summer feed.
Vealers suitable for butcher orders were keenly sought after by processors competing with lot feeders for the well bred lines and pushing prices up seven cents to eight cents per kilogram.
Yearling steers and heifers suited to the trade sold firm to two cents per kilogram easier.
The best drafts of grown steers and bullocks held firm while the secondary lines slipped four cents to five cents per kilogram as not all bullock buyers were operating fully.
Heavy weight grown heifers showing good finish eased three cents per kilogram. Heavy weight Friesian manufacturing steers slipped five cents while the crossbred portion held firm.
The vealers sold mostly from 205 cents to 249 cents per kilogram.
Yearling trade steers made between 218 cents and 255 cents per kilogram.
Yearling heifers suited to the trade sold between 194 cents and 235 cents per kilogram.
Feeder steers made from 192 cents to 231 cents with the heifer portion from 185 cents to 218 cents per kilogram.
Grown steers sold from 211 cents to 241 cents per kilogram.
Bullocks made between 205 cents and 245 cents per kilogram.
Heavy weight bullocks sold between 205 cents and 225 cents per kilogram.
Heavy weight grown heifers showing good finish made from 195 cents to 218 cents per kilogram.
Heavy weight Friesian manufacturing steers sold from 192 cents to 201 cents with the crossbred portion from 185 cents to 216 cents per kilogram.
The VLE Draw for the week commencing Monday 16 February is as follows: 1, Landmark; 2, Alex Scott and Staff; 3, Rodwells; 4, Everitt, Seeley and Bennetts; 5, Elders; 6, Nathan Gibbon Livestock; 7, SEJ.
The next Store Sale is on Thursday 12 February at 10am.
Ten, T.F. Bailey and Co., Tooradin, 507 kilograms, 235.0 cents per kilogram, $1191.79; 11, Eau De Cale Nominees, Glen Forbes, 409, 233.6, $956.81; 19, B. and G. Sibly, Woolamai, 366, 231.1, $845.52; 13, K. and A. Couch, Bass, 413, 227.8, $940.96; 6, T. and E. Hart, Corinella, 364, 226.7, $825.41; 16, A.T., C.E., G.A. and C. Fraser, Seville, 386, 225.4, $870.73.
Nineteen, A.B. Ware, Wonthaggi, 511, 234.5, $1199.32; 16, Watergrass Hill Angus, Neerim, 586, 232.0, $1359.38; 13, A. and K. Knaap, Tynong, 524, 230.0, $1204.85; 10, R. and J. Hardham, Red Hill, 465, 230.0, $1069.50; 10, MJS Pastoral, Garfield, 475, 226.0, $1072.37; 10, D. Stone, Yellingbo, 493, 225.0, $1108.13; 11, B. Lunt, Nar Nar Goon, 498, 216.8, $1080.14.
Fourteen, R.B. and V.G. Peterson, Cardinia, 471, 220.0, $1037.14.
Thirty, G. Neil, Warragul, 607, 236.0, $1433.31; 23, C.M. Lewis, Neerim East, 630, 234.6, $1478.49; 30, P. Roffey, Pakenham South, 641, 232.6, $1491.22; 7, B. Rowlinson, Buln Buln, 613, 225.6, $1394.33; 16, Abro Investments, Nar Nar Goon North, 659, 222.4, $1465.9; 11, B. and P. Cornwall, Drouin East, 647, 220.0, $1425.00.

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