Rescuers bake as crash temperatures soar

Rescuers worked in the scorching heat to free the man trapped in the car.

AN ELDERLY driver was rushed to hospital last month after he was trapped as the temperature in his crashed car exceeded 50 degrees Celsius.
A man in his late 70s was trapped in his car for about half an hour as emergency crews worked to free him after a two-car collision in Dalmore.
The crash happened along Manks and Dalmore Roads about 1.30pm on Saturday 21 February when outside temperatures rose well above 30 degrees Celsius.
Pakenham SES media liaison officer Shayne Honey said volunteers from Pakenham Road Rescue Unit (PRRU) had to use the Jaws of Life to free the elderly man.
“As the temperature rose to the mid 30s, the temperature inside the car rose quickly to in excess of 50 degrees,” he said.
“During the rescue, emergency services were required to break all windows of the car to ensure the safety of rescuers and the occupant.
“The car’s driver and rear door were removed with hydraulic tools to free the driver who was transported to hospital by ambulance.”
Mr Honey has reminded road users to avoid pulling people out of crashed cars due to the high associated risk of spinal injuries.
“The Cardinia community is lucky to have the combined efforts of Pakenham SES and Nar Nar Goon CFA so a quick response is assured in our community,” he said.
“These services have specialised equipment and work with paramedics to ensure the best possible care for occupants in a crash.
“Just because a person may seem to be OK and the doors can open, this does not mean there is no risk of further unseen injury.”