Park warning after mystery scare

Something's hiding in Bunyip State Park bushes.

[ UPDATE ] Happy April Fools Day…

A NUMBER of distressed residents reported sightings of an unidentified animal near Bunyip State Park this morning.
Eye witness Andrea Ross was going for a walk just before 8am when she saw some movement in the bushes.
“I take this path every day for my morning walk but I’ve never seen anything like this before,“ she said.
“There was some ruffling in the bushes and I thought it might have been a stray cat but I think it must have been something a lot bigger.
“It was difficult to make out and as I got closer, it made this scary loud, deep noise.
“It was really frightening.“
Ms Ross’ video footage shows the animal behind some bushes before she fled the scene.
She was one of several people who reported sightings of the animal in the western end of the state park.
Police have been notified and have urged members of the community to report any further sightings.

See what’s hiding in the bushes.

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