Lakeside is alive with the sound of music

Lakeside in Pakenham was quite literally alive with the sound of music Wednesday afternoon - and it's not the first time!

By Aneeka Simonis and Georgia Westgarth

PAKENHAM’S rough reputation all but vanished up into the blue, sunny spring skies around Lakeside’s ‘musical house’ one afternoon as sweet, classic tunes echoed over the lake and across the neighbourhood.
Yes, Pakenham was quite literally alive with the sound of music after lunch on Wednesday 14 September.
Lakeside walkers could be seen pulling out their earphones and looking around quizzically, trying to identify where the music was coming from.
It took a quick drive around the neighbourhood to find the uplifting music house.
Located just off Juliet Gardens, its melody reverberated across the lake to the other side of the neighbourhood, perfectly complementing the idyllic scenes of birds flying in the sun-filled sky.
A lady walking her dog told the Gazette she’s heard music coming from the home before.
She said she enjoyed it, but felt for shift workers who may be trying to sleep.
Love song, after love song – these hits rang out over Lakeside for more than half an hour.
So move over Ramsay Street, there’s a new friendly neighbour in town – who doesn’t mind sharing a melody or two.

Hear the songs from the streets of Lakeside.


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