Dangers from speeding ‘rats’

Dear Cardinia Council,
I strongly oppose the increase of the speed limit on Salisbury Road.
Contrary to published council information, I do not believe this will increase safety, instead will put more residents and pedestrians at risk.
Where the increase is proposed there is:
* An elderly and disabled facility with no safe place for pedestrians to cross the road to the only footpath to shops / bus stops etc;
* A community centre;
* A child care facility;
* A pre-school;
* A mobile library once a week;
* Two parks;
* School bus stops used by at least four high schools;
* A cenotaph with large Anzac Day services.
I fear an increase in the speed limit will promote Salisbury Road as a ‘rat running’ road for commuters in the new estates in Officer, Pakenham and Bunyip.
The traffic has increased significantly in my three years living here, with non-stop cars, trucks, touring motorbikes and car clubs and cyclists.
To say no accidents have occurred and that increasing the speed limit will slow drivers down seems naive.
I have seen many near-misses especially with school students leaving buses and visitors to the community centre and Salisbury House and speeding trucks and vehicles especially on Friday afternoons.
I believe, rather than further exacerbating an increasingly dangerous situation, preventative road safety should be implemented with the speed limit actually reduced.
I also think that traffic calming devices also should be considered to encourage commuter traffic and heavy vehicles off village streets.
L Habermann,
Beaconsfield Upper.

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