This time movie maker is a winner

Young filmmaker Lily Lunder took out first place in ACMI's prestigious Screen It awards. 175150_10 Pictures: GARY SISSONS

By Kyra Gillespie

A local young filmmaker has taken out first place in a national film-making competition after her third year as a finalist.
Thirteen-year-old Lily Lunder the won the Live Action category for her film Losing Time in the prestigious Australia Centre for the Moving Image’s (ACMI) Screen It awards 2017.
The nation-wide competition had more than 800 entries from over 3000 primary and secondary students.
This was Lily’s third year as a finalist and she said she was feeling “honoured and excited” about her win.
“It’s nice to be recognised for my efforts over the past few years and to know that I have improved each time,” she said.
“I think entering and creating a lot of films over the years have improved my skills a lot.”
This year’s ACMI theme was ‘Time’ and the Narre Warren teenager decided to make a film about a rare condition – Niemann-Pick disease – starring her younger brother, Elan.
It highlights the impact of the disease on a young boy and how he struggles to deal with time loss.
“I wanted to raise awareness about rare child diseases.
“As the theme for this year was ‘Time’ I started wondering if there were any child diseases that were related to the loss of time and memories (such as dementia).
“In researching, I found out about Niemann-Pick disease and wanted to shine a light on it and its effects.
“It was good to have my brother in the film as he is always around and available to shoot. It’s not so difficult to organise things and refilm if I want to add anything because he’s right there.”
The film’s unique point-of-view shooting and editing techniques is what Lily thinks got her over the line this year.
“It is quite technically advanced which seemed to impress the judges.”
As scriptwriter, director, editor and producer, the creative process took Lily months of focus and hard work.
“It was a few months between the script being finished and the final edit of the film being exported.
“It’s a long process because there are so many layers and steps to creating a film – but that’s what I love about filmmaking so much.
“From when I first understood what a camera was and how it worked, I would always want to be behind it.
“In many of my family videos you can hear me saying ‘can I see it?
“When I was in Prep, we used to make little movies with my dolls and toys which I found fun. I had the idea of making a film in Grade 5 with my whole class and my teacher was very supportive. Then, I started entering Screen It and here I am now!”
This latest achievement has further ignited Lily’s love for making movies.
“I’d love to be a film-maker. Right now, I don’t know what aspect of it I enjoy the most because there are just so many – editing, screenwriting, directing, casting … the list goes on.
“I would like to get some experience or observe those working on set to get a better idea of what direction I’d go in and also just learn and become a better film-maker.
“I plan to enter Screen It again. It’s a great opportunity every year and it gives you a deadline and theme which gives more direction to the film.
“Next year I will be in the senior category which will have some tougher competition but I think it will be good motivation.”