Three…ways to save energy

There are numerous simple ways to say on energy around the home.

 1. Replace old incandescent and halogen light globes with energy-efficient globes. Energy-efficient globes save power and last longer. Light globes can sometimes be replaced for free or at reduced cost. Replacing 15 50W globes with LED lights could reduce a household power bill by up to $250 a year.
2. Did you know your phone charger is still using energy even when your phone is not attached? Up to 10 per cent of your electricity could be used by gadgets and appliances that are on standby. A standby power controller will help combat this by automatically reducing standby time and switching appliances off when not in use.
3. Shut doors and close curtains. Heating or cooling the whole house can be expensive. Where possible, shut doors to areas you are not using and only heat or cool the rooms you spend the most time in. Make sure your curtains or blinds seal your windows properly, and keep your curtains closed at night, and during the day when there is a heat-wave. Block draughts around doors and windows to stop air leaking out or in.

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