In full bloom

A sunflower crop has come to bloom in Dalmore. 177582 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

By Bonny Burrows

A vibrant sunflower display in Dalmore has become somewhat of a local tourist attraction.
The golden field, located at the corner of Dalmore and Manks Road, has caught the eye of many locals and visitors, including a farmer known as Noel.
Noel, who regularly drives past the site on his way to work, said he had seen queues of people at all times of the day stop to take photos of the picturesque crop.
“It’s quite a good paddock of sunflowers. It looks quite spectacular,” he said.
Noel, who through his work has a bit of knowledge of sunflowers, said it was quite unique to see the flowers in full bloom locally.
“It’s not the usual crop you see around here. Normally, they’re up in the irrigation areas,” Noel said.
“I think they’re quite good, it’s something a bit different to see on the way to work.”
The local crop has come to bloom as the ABC on 9 February published an article with farmers urging spectators to not trample over sunflower fields in the bid for a perfect photo.
A number of farmers said they were happy for people to take photos, but asked they did so in a respectful manner.

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