Three stores Pakenham needs

Will a cinema ever set up shop in Pakenham? Residents can only hope.

1. Kmart. Pakenham locals have been calling for a Kmart for many years and had a glimmer of hope the retail giant would be moving in to the former Master’s store late last year. However, there was disappointment all round when the tenants of the site were announced and didn’t include Kmart. “Literally the only thing Pakenham hasn’t got is a Kmart… give the people what they want,” resident Sarah Wyatt said in November, with the agreement of many fellow locals. With the 15 February announcement Kmart was moving in to Warragul, it again raised the issue as to “why no Kmart in Pakenham?”
2. Spotlight. Just like Kmart, Spotlight appears to be a much-loved store among Pakenham locals. However, it too is yet to set up shop in the town. Residents have their fingers crossed the craft superstore will make its way to the area in the near future.
3. A cinema. For decades, residents have called for a cinema in town. While there’s whispers a cinema may soon pop up in Cranbourne, Pakenham is still waiting.

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