Gym-goer assaulted

By Bonny Burrows

A man was left “soaked in blood” following an altercation outside a Kooweerup gym.
The man, whose family spoke to the Gazette on the condition of anonymity, was arriving to go to the gym, on Rossiter Road, about 3.30am on 7 March when the incident occurred.
“It doesn’t and shouldn’t matter why my husband was out that time of morning, however my husband uses the gym at 3.30am on his way to work he has permission from the owner,” his wife said.
According to the wife, upon parking his car, her husband noticed three young men, believed to be in their mid to late teens, walking up the road and witnessed them kicking at a shop door.
“They made a comment to my husband about why he was sniffing; he had a runny nose, and accused him of snorting drugs,” she said.
This remark allegedly started an alteration between the man and the two groups, after the husband reportedly told the group to “shove their drugs up their a*se”.
He was allegedly smashed over the head by the group with what he thinks was a can, “which nearly knocked him “to the ground but not quite”.
His wife recounted the moment her husband burst through the family’s front door bleeding heavily.
“He came running inside soaked in blood and had a huge lump on his cheekbone, telling me to ring Triple Zero,” she said.
Police and ambulance attended, and the man was taken to hospital for treatment.
He was discharged later that day.
“He looks like he has done a few rounds, but he will be fine,” his wife said.
“They nearly killed someone and they need to be stopped.
“Enough is enough.”
A police report has been filed and officers are investigating the incident.

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