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Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams play beautifully together in Game Night.

Game Night
Starring: Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams

There really are some impressive laugh-out-loud moments in Game Night, a film that uses its top-notch male and female leads to their best talents.
Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are a married couple who met through their respective love of trivia and winning.
They’re thinking about a baby, but in the meantime their regular Game Night continues.
With a regular group of friends, often held at their home, the only threat is their next-door neighbour – a bitter, divorced cop never seen without his uniform, exiled from the regular functions since he beacame a gloomy single.
Into this set-up is injected Jason Bateman’s brother, a flash “winner“ who proposes to host the best Game Night ever.
So, how real is real? Well, the night quickly escalates when it becomes apparent that the fake intruders are the real deal, with real guns and, importantly, real bullets.
Game Night participants then try to solve the clues, unaware they are working to avert real-life deaths.
And if by this point you’re thinking that this sounds a lot like Michael Dogulas in “The Game“, too many years back, then that wouldn’t be too far off the beam either.
Game Night is about the funniest film going around at the moment, and well worth the price of admission.
– Jason Beck

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