Dominion – what’s it all about?

Australian Christopher Egan in Dominion.


SyFy Foxtel, Wednesday, 7.30pm

Have you ever watched a television show and wondered just what you watched and what the heck was going on?

Cue the opening minutes of the American apocalyptic fantasy television show Dominion, made in 2014-’15 and starring former Home and Away actor Christopher Egan.

Okay, based on the 2010 film Legion this is the story of the secret “chosen one” who is going to lead the people in a fight against mankind’s greatest enemies – Angels (are you still with me?).

God has vanished and in his absence the archangel Gabriel and his army of lower angels wage war against mankind, believing them to be the cause of God’s absence. Although most higher angels remain neutral, Gabriel has convinced the lower angels, the “dogs of Heaven,“ called “eight-balls“ by humans for their black eyes, to fight alongside him.

Twenty-five years later, mankind survives in a few fortified cities including Vega – where the archangel Michael has chosen to side with humanity against Gabriel until the time a prophesied savior appears to save mankind.

Enter Egan’s character Alex – a lowly soldier in Vega’s elaborate political and caste system – who is guarding the city’s princess Claire (Roxanne McKee) just a bit closer than necessary.

Of course he is really the “as advertised” savior but he must overcome his class, more characters than necessary and a convoluted plot to get there.

Dominion, which also stars former Neighbours star Alan Dale, lasted two series before being axed in the US and to be honest it probably took viewers that long to work out what the heck was going on!

– Tania Phillips

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