Estate proposed for Bunyip

The site of the proposed estate. 181424_01

By Rowan Forster

Ratepayers have described a proposed 24 dwelling estate on a pothole-plagued road in Bunyip as “ludicrous” and “mad”.

Despite waging war against Cardinia Shire over Bunyip’s “deplorable” roads infrastructure, another big development has been earmarked for the township.

Submitted by Veris, on behalf of Smartchoice Pty Ltd, the Petty Road development would accommodate 24 townhouses on 1.6 hectares of land.

It is currently vacant property.

The firm has suggested an extension of Jasmine Street, which would run between the properties, but it makes no reference to the deteriorating Petty Road.

Margaret Green, who was outspoken about council “neglecting” Doran Road, believes Bunyip’s dirt roads cannot handle much more traffic.

She said she would only support the development if the roads are “brought up to scratch”.

“It’s ridiculous for anybody to consider another 24 houses on a single street when we’re already struggling to get ambulances into the area,” she said.

“I think many of us agree that we don’t have a problem with the big subdivisions if the infrastructure can keep up – but right now, it just can’t.

“The grading lasts about four days if we’re lucky.

“I can only imagine how long it’d last with two dozen extra families.”

Bunyip community members have even offered to contribute to the cost of sealing the town’s most problematic roads under a Special Charge Scheme.

“I’d meant not having to have the dust fly into my face every time a car drives past me sitting on my balcony or any time I’m outside in general,” Shannon Walker said.

“I basically can’t leave the inside of my house.”

In the planning application, tabled to Cardinia Shire last week, Veris said parking would be provided on both sides of the road reserve.

The reserve would also link Petty Road to Jasmine Street, providing two ways to exit.

“The carriageway widths provide suitable dimensions for two-way traffic, footpaths and other required street furniture,” the report, penned by Guillermo Cabala said.

“Roads will be constructed in a suitable manner to provide for a safe and accessible neighbourhood street system.”