Viewers divided over dash cam ‘stupidity’

The rider, captured on dash cam. 181936_01

By Rowan Forster

 A motorbike rider who was caught on dash camera running a red light while not wearing a helmet and hitching a passenger has divided social media.

The footage, captured on the Princes Highway, depicts a man stopping at the Cardinia Road-Grandvue Boulevard intersection on red, before choosing to drive through anyway.

While some have slammed the behaviour as “idiotic”, others have defended his decision.

“It’s only going to be a matter of time before he’s killed,” Emma, from Dandenong said.

“(He’s) basically a temporary citizen.

Matt, from Berwick, added: “what a moron”.

The video seemingly caused an online stoush, with some hosing down the criticism.

“There were no cars coming, why don’t you all pick on the drug and drunk drivers,” one user replied.

Hawk-eyed viewers also noticed the rider did not have a registration plate displayed, which is another road offence.

Regardless, the rider would be slugged with up to $1327 in fines if caught.

What are your thoughts?